Decks and Fences

The very day your new deck or fence goes up, it begins to dry out, splinter, crack and turn gray. The gray look to the wood is it’s natural UV protection from the sun, but it doesn’t happen to be very attractive.

As a part of Decksavers of Missouri, we have been cleaning wooden structures for the past 25 years. We use environmentally safe detergents to break down dead wood fiber, mold, and dirt from the surface of the wood. We follow up with a light pressure wash to restore the wood’s natural beauty.

Unfortunately, power washing the wood will only temporarily clean up the deck or fence. Within 6 months they will typically start to fade and turn gray again. To combat that we offer you the option to stain and seal your deck or fence. We encourage you to link over to the Decksavers webpage and explore our process and color options.

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