Over time, you may start to notice black streaks, also known as “zebra or tiger stripes,” appear on the outside of your gutters. These streaks are typically the result of an electrostatic bond between the paint on your gutters and the asphalt from your shingles. IMG_20170725_102211[1]

The stripes give off a very unpleasant look and cannot be removed by normal house washing (as shown in the picture to the left). But, we do have a couple of different specialized products that allow us to remove the streaking from most gutters.

We apply the cleaners and then scrub the outside of the gutters using soft-bristled brushes to help break down the streaks. We follow up with a light rinse which leaves your gutters clean, once again.

Gutter Cleanoutgutter clean out

If you have trees near your home it’s likely you have fought to keep your gutters clean and flowing as they should. This is an important part of your home maintenance and shouldn’t be put off. Gutters that are clogged carry the possibility of falling, due to the weight of the debris they are holding. They are also more prone to leaking as well as overflowing which can damage your home or landscaping.

Cleaning your gutters can be a pretty big hassle when it comes down to dragging out the ladders, mixing up soaps and then scrubbing by hand, or pulling out all the sticks, rotten leaves, dirt, and sometimes even plant sprouts. Instead of spending your weekend off cleaning up the house, get in touch with us, and we will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation estimate.

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